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Monday, October 14, 2013

First engine run

I'm finally back from my Europe trip (work).  It was a long one, but in my absence, others picked up the slack.  Thanks to Harold Spivey, the fuel leak is fixed.  Thanks to Brian Eberle, the water leak is fixed. 

Last evening, we pulled the airplane out again.  The radiator was filled with water.  Fuel was added to the fuel tank.  Three squirts of prime was put into the pet cocks.  After several blades, this is what happened:

We could only get the engine to run for 15 or twenty seconds.  It seemed like it was running off the prime and then quitting.  Hmmm.  We pumped the wobble pump and confirmed that fuel came out of the fuel line right before the carburetor. But, after several attempts, we could never get the engine to run very long.

Before long, darkness caused us to stop troubleshooting.  Even though the engine didn't run long, I was pleased that it ran at all! I suspect we need to mess with the fuel pump.  But that is for another day.

I would post more videos, but they are pretty big files.  I'd like to edit them.  But my camera takes .mov files and Windows Movie Maker takes everything BUT .mov files.  I tried downloading a converter but all I got was a virus.  Thankfully, AVG caught it.
More soon.  Enjoy


Blogger Angel said...

Excellent, Love that engine sound. It is not an A&P license, It is a certificate. Our FAA inspector would have a fit over that one.
When is the first flight ? I would like to be there.

6:45 AM  

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