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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Aileron cables

Looking for something fun to do with the kids, the wife and I decided to take the family the Tellus Science Museum.  They got to do some neat things - dig for dinosaur bones, pan for gems, see rocks and minerals, go to a planetarium - the usual science museum stuff.

We also got to see John Slemp's aviation photo expo. 

The kids thought it was neat seeing a picture of dad in the science museum.  "There is Mr. Aexander,"  our youngest son Brighton remarked. "And Mr. Eberle too".   They spent exactly thirty seconds looking at the picture and ran off towards other more interesting exhibits.  They can see pictures of dad anytime.

Back to work on the Jenny.  The other day, we were joined by sixteen year old Jack Story.  He has an interest in airplanes and one day showed up asking to help.  Remembering my own aviation illness at that age, I handed him a rag and polish.  Within no time, he had the leading edge of the prop nice and shiny.

Hey, we have aileron controls now!  Here is the Curtiss diagram showing the aileron cable circuit.

We got some 5/32 in flexible 7 x 19 cable and started weaving the ends.  Here is the cable through the lower pulley.

The cable goes from the aileron horn through the pulley....

.. between the wings....

...meets a turnbuckle and enters the fuselage....

...goes through another pulley...

...and another pulley before looping around the fan and out the other way.

Now on the top, the cable starts at the aileron horn and goes through a pulley...(the bolt is temporary - don't panic.  we had the cable on / off several times during the process, it was easier to use this longer bolt)

...through a guide....

...and a smaller guide at the side of the center section...

...and to the other side.  Of course, we had to try it out.

Aileron down

Aileron up.

Brian agreed the ailerons worked fine.  You have to rig the ailerons so that when the stick is in the center (neutral) both ailerons hang down one inch.  Yea, it's in the Curtiss assembly manual.  I'm not making this up.

Thinking ahead, I was able to get some 12MM castle nuts online.

We need to drill the bolts yet and then the prop can be secured for flight.

Lastly, Dorian Walker has run the engine on his Jenny. First flight soon.

I'm going to try and post a movie of his engine run.  It is an automotive conversion.  Here goes:

More soon




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