Curtiss Jenny Restoration

Welcome! We hope you enjoy following the restoration process of a 1918 Curtiss JN4D Jenny. Once completed, the aeroplane will be flown and displayed at the Candler Field Museum in Williamson GA (30 miles south of Atlanta). You can contact me below by clicking on "VIEW MY PROFILE"

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cockpit leather

I wanted to start off sharing a great photo of Brian Eberle attaching the aileron brace wires at our Vintage Days event. I couldn't resist publishing this one.

During my twenty something day absence, Brian and Ron worked on the cockpit leather.

Here is the rear cockpit.

And the front cockpit - although we have the other side to finish yet!

 Here is the reason for my absence.  We are getting new airplanes at work and it was my turn for training.

While in Dallas, I went to see fellow Bucker pilot David Martin in Possum Springs, TX.  David flies airshows with a Siemens powered Bucker Jungmeister and is a member for the US Aerobatic team.  In addition, he flies the Jenny at the Call Field Museum!  That afternoon, we hopped in his Bonanza and few to Wichita Falls. 

Here is their Jenny!

They fly the Jenny pretty often too.

Thanks David, for giving me the tour.

I'm also proud to report that the Old Rhinebeck Jenny is back in the air!

It's good to be back home.  Look for more frequent posting in the future. 



Saturday, June 01, 2013

First public display

 We had perfect weather for the Candler Field Museum's Vintage Day.  The Jenny had good company - the museum's Model T.  This picture was taken as we set up for the event.

The Jenny also shared the spotlight with the museum's latest acquisition, an OX-5 Waco 10 which made it's first post-restoration flight the day before.

 The event was a great success.  We estimated that 1500 people got to see the Jenny today.  During a lull in the action, we had a moment to take a family photo.

I also had a chance to see Ken Gulliford.  Ken is a master scale model builder from South Carolina and came all the way from there just to see the Jenny. I was touched.

 Unfortunately, I was too busy to take many photos.  I'm sure my friends will send me some. Now that the unveiling is over, it is time to start tightening flying wires, safety wire turnbuckles, and install lots of cotter keys.  There may not be many posts in June.  I have a busy month at work and I don't want to bore you with pictures of AN4 nuts getting tightened.

The first flight is just around the corner.  Stay tuned!