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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Priming cups, grease fittings etc

A package came today from Restoration Supply.  Included was four new Primer Cups.

The Primer Cups thread into the intake tubes.  All you have to do now is fill them with fuel, open the petcock, close the petcock, and swing the propeller.

Also in the box were a set of reproduction grease fittings for the spoke wheels. The original one is on the left.  Notice the threads. They are shorter.  I have to machine down the threads on the new fittings to match.

Lastly, Restoration Supply is the only company to carry the 1920's diamond treas for the wing walks.  The material is really beautifully made, but prepare yourself - it is also very expensive.

For all you future Jenny builders, you can get this stuff from:

Restoration Supply Co.
15182B Highland Valley Road
Escondito, CA 92025

(800) 306 7008

I also ordered the turtledeck hinges from  They are called Desk Butt Hinges Item number 504400.  Basically, they are 2 inch wide hinges.

These hinges must be modified a bit.  The bottom half has to be rounded to match the original profile.

More soon.  The Bucker gear legs are covered and awaiting pinked tapes.  Jenny progress shoud resume Thursday.




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