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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Exhaust system

It's been a busy couple of days! Brian and I drilled and installed the turtledeck hinges.


And the grease fittings were cut sown and installed on the wheels.

Now the fun part - we started tack welding the exhaust together. It was proving to be a frustrating build.  We would align the new pipe on the engine, mark the flange, tack weld.  Check it.  Mark the next flange, tack it.  Realize that the darn thing moved a little.  Cut off the tack weld.  Try it again.  And so forth.

During all of this, the old exhaust was not far from our mind.  Why were we not using an original piece of the aeroplane?

For one thing, the flanges didn't fit. We already made new flanges, right?  There were a few dents and dings. Hmmm...they were not that bad.  Plus the dings gave the stacks a certain patina.

It was decided to switch gears and try to use the original exhaust.  We could always make a new one if things didn't work out.

Off came the old flanges.

As you can see, the exhaust stack was made from round tubes.  The Hisso exhaust port was oval.  What can we do about that?

 The initial shaping was done in a vice. 

Then a lot of hand work with done with a ball peen hammer.


There we go - one oval exhaust tube.

We learned a few things when we made the new exhaust.  We were constantly battling alignment of the tubes.  Since I prefer oxy-aceteline welding, I could not tack weld right on the engine. The heat would be too great.

So, we dusted off the MIG welder.  After a few practice welds, I felt comfortable enough to tack weld the pipes right on the engine.


The exhaust was removed and I returned to my familiar and trusty oxy-aceteline torch.

Here is a new flange welded onto the original exhaust. After all the flanges are attached, the exhaust will be cleaned up.  In particular, we are going to send it to be thoroughly cleaned inside. I'm considering having it ceramic coated for preservation too, but that decision is not definitive.

Lastly, we gave the propeller a trial fit.  More about that soon.  Wait till you hear this saga....

More soon




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