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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Fuel and water lines



 The copper tee was removed, a new hose made and the intake water jacket line rerouted to the suction side of the pump.  The new 3/8 in line goes from the intake water jacket....

Where it joins to an aluminum line right above the engine bearer.  I did not run the hose all the way to the pump because I had to keep the line away from the oil tank and the aluminum line did this better.

Also last night, I finished the new aluminum line leading from the wobble pump to the firewall.  All it took was a flaring tool and an AN818 and AN819 fitting.

 Here is the new line.

I used a bulkhead fitting with a hose pipe.

The fuel line attaches to the pipe...

...and runs to the fuel pump and then the carburetor.

When I was out of town, Brian Eberly came to the shop and diligently soldered wires.

On the left are the "to be soldered" wires.  On the right are the "soldered" wires.

The left box used to be full and the right box used to be empty.

Soon it will be the other way around!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can always just copper paint the fuel lines

10:10 PM  
Blogger Brian Karli said...

You are absolutely right. But, I think I'm going to leave them alone. I want people to know I did not use copper!


7:59 PM  

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