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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Water pump fittings

Not a lot of progress this week.  I promised the wife that I would finally cut down the diseased pine trees in the front yard and cleaning all that up has taken a huge amount of time.

But the water pump flanges were finally completed by a local machine shop!

 The elbow and flange direct the water out of the pump. Eventually, the elbow will be silver soldered to the flange. But for right now, I just wanted to make sure it fit well.

The water attached to the cylinder water jacket via a piece of heater hose.  This will be secured by a clamp later.  Again, this was a trial fit.

After the water jacket fills up, the water exits the cylinders at the top and flows to the radiator.  The radiator was designed for the OX-5 so to make it work for the Hisso, the water lines need to cross.

I did not like how the water feed line to the pump touched the bracing wires, so....

I moved the line below the wires to see if that worked better.  Nope.  It still touched the wires.  So, I accept this fact and I will put some sort of anti-chafe material between the hose and the wires. 

About those trees...

 Cutting down trees is easy.  It is the clean up that takes all the time. Luckily, I have four healthy, strong boys who do work with only a small amount of complaining.

Lastly, I took a break from chopping wood to meet members of EAA Chapter 6. 

We talked Jennies and old restoration techniques for nearly two hours.  The EAA chapter is from Newnan, GA.

Now, back to yard work. Once the trees are cut up and hauled away, the grass will be tilled, new soil added and grass seed planted.  The wife has been extremely patient with this Jenny thing, so taking a week to do yard work is a small price to pay.

More soon.  Enjoy



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