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Monday, January 28, 2013

Tail wires and radiator

There is a known fact that when the rudder deflects left or right on a Jenny, the fin brace wires make contact with the rudder horn wires.  They all do it.  It's just the way the Jenny was designed.

However, on our Jenny the wires touch right at the ferrule.

This is not good because I had visions of the wire lodging behind the ferrule and the rudder getting stuck in place. So after much head scratching, we decided to move the fin attach point higher on the fin.

We started out with a paper template transferred to some .065 in steel.

Using the torch, the steel was bent to the shape of the fin.

Of course several trial fits were needed to get it right.

This is the prototype.  We designed it to look like the front fin attach fitting. 

It works!  Now you can see the wires hitting past the ferrule.  I don't mind the wire to wire contact now.

After this photo was taken, the fitting was cleaned up - the tabs were rounded, edges filed and the entire thing was given some primer paint.

I would like to mount the radiator soon, so we started shining up the brass.

That was one night's work.  I expect to return to the shop early next week.

Do you remember the question about the three fuel gauge Jenny last post?

I think Dave Trojan might have found the answer:




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