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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Radiator and Side Step

My trip cancelled at work yesterday so I was able to get some additional shop time.  I finished polishing the radiator and hoisted it into place.

Then the side braces were installed.

The lower water line was hooked up to the bottom of the radiator...

...and the other side hooked up to the pump.

Here is the entire hose

The Curtiss drawings show the step location as 12 inches forward of Station 8

Cutting fabric always makes me nervous!

Since there is a cap strip half the size of the longeron running from Station 4 to Station 8, a gap occurs between the fabric and the longeron.  A spruce shim was made to fit.

Here is the shim in place.

Because of the shim, the step frame can be solidly attached to the fuselage with some wood screws and stitching.  I will finish the step after the varnish dries on the shim.  Also, there will be a diamond tread plate installed over the step frame lip and the longeron.

I also had time to cinch down the engine mount attach bolts.

An unexpectedly productive day.  Enjoy!



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