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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mag switch

Good Jenny evening the other day.  I showed Ron how to solder wires. 

 And Brian Eberle started cotter keying the tail surfaces.

One of the things I learned from talking to Jack Kearbey is that my Curtiss style mag switch will not work with the Hisso. 

The Curtiss switch was designed for the OX-5 engine, which has one magneto.  Basically, it is an on/off switch. Original ones are very hard to find, so I used a similar switch from a Fleet.  

It is a very similar looking switch.  One difference is the buttons - each button grounds out one magneto. I figured this would work out fine with a two mag Hisso like ours.

But, Jack said that you start a Hisso on the right magneto (grounding out the left) because that mag has the shower of sparks attached causing the spark plugs to fire early.

So, to start his engine, you would have to hold down the left mag button with one hand, spin the starting mag handle with the other, maybe grab the throttle if needed and hold the stick back in your lap....wait....I'm out of hands.

A decision was made to remove the Fleet mag switch and go with a 1920's Scintilla switch.

More this weekend. Enjoy



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