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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Front windshield & covering

 We started riveting the front windshields using the copper rivets on the perimeter today. I was worried that using a rivet gun and bucking bar might crack the lexan, so the rivet squeezer was used instead. It worked very well!

 However, the rivets along the bottom were shot with the pneumatic rivet gun.  The material was thicker (.050) so I wasn't so worried about the lexan cracking or the aluminum distorting.

 Here is the front windshield.


The view from the front seat:

 Meanwhile, Ron showed me this nifty tip when making fabric reinforcement patches.  I always just cut the patches out of virgin fabric and glued them on wherever needed, but I learned that there is a better way.  Ron glues the fabric to this frame and shrinks it to 350 degrees.  It now matches the weave of the shrunk fabric on the wing. Then he cuts out the patches.

 Brian made a few templates for the reinforcement patches and proceeded to cut them out.

The patches were given a pinked edge.

 Here are a bunch of patches ready to be doped to the fabric.

Wherever there is wing strut hold down plate, or a pulley, or anywhere the fabric could rub through, a reinforcement patch is installed. 

 Using a 3:1 mixture of Poly Brush and Reducer, the area is given a wet coat.

 Then the patch is set into the Poly Brush and a second coat was brushed on top.

After finishing the patches, Ron started taping the vertical fin.

 Enough for one day.  More soon.  Enjoy!



Blogger FlyBoyJon said...

Looking just about ready for some flying :-)

I have a question, where does one find the rotary pinking shears?

As always, thanks for the great pass down of your restoration.


10:50 AM  
Blogger Brian Karli said...

Hi Jon,

Sorry for the late reply - family vacation time. Anyway, I think the rotary pinking shears can be purchased at Aircraft Spruce and Specialty.

Good to hear from you


12:45 PM  

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