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Friday, June 15, 2012

Cowl Riveting and Murphy Fasteners

Let the riveting begin !!  Today, the left side panel door had the rivets installed.

 The louver brackets were secured with some soft aluminum AN470-5-3 rivets.

 When the door was finished, the louvers on the left side panel were riveted.

Here you can see the back side of the side cowl showing all the brackets.

Also, the three hinges were riveted too.

Now it is time to install the Murphy Fasteners.  These three piece spring loaded clips hold the door closed.

First, the holes for the receptacle were cut.  I used a drill bit to make the openings and a Dremel tool to clean them to size.

Then the receptacle is fitted into the slots, the backing plate installed, and the tabs bent over.

 I only got two of the three Murphy Fasteners installed today before I ran out of time -  I promised the wife and kids that I would take them swimming.  Anyway, you can see the two fasteners in place on the outside of the door and the tape marking the location of the third fastener.

Lastly, I went to MSC on the way home from work yesterday.  I picked up some copper rivets for the windshield frame.

I only need a dozen, so I'm saving the rest for you future Jenny builders!

More soon.  enjoy



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