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Friday, January 27, 2012

Reverse exhaust stack

I got some feedback about the reason for the forward facing exhaust on the OX-5 engine. I also noticed the unusual airplane in the background. Anyone know what kind it is??

Don Barnes wrote:

I was told about 35 years ago by a former Jenny pilot, that they would reverse the stacks to place the outlet further forward out of their field of view for flying at night.

The aircraft picture was taken in 1926 was known as Ole #1. The pilot posing was T.A. Ewell.


Another plausible explanation came from expert model builder Anthony Hixson, who also sent me pictures of his really neat 1/4 scale Fokker DRI painted up in one of Von Richtofens paint schemes. Anyway, Anthony writes:

Hi Brian,

I have a theory about the backwards exhaust. If the plane was used for wing walking exhibitions it was probably a bit more comfortable for the wing walker to climb out of the front cockpit without getting blasted by hot exhaust fumes. Seems plausible anyways.

Or a really screwed up mechanic ;)


Thanks, guys.



Blogger Jim Landon said...

The odd looking plane in the background is a drastically modified Thomas Morse Scout. ... See the comments below the photo here:

Jim Landon

8:43 PM  

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