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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Left side cowl door

Last week the kids told me they couldn't wait for the Christmas break. This week they told me they were bored. After some vigorous yard work and shoveling out the fire pit, the complaining stopped. But, today, our youngest boy Brighton announced that he was going to accompany me to the shop.

I wanted to build the left side cowling door, so after measuring, cutting and bending, the door started to look like one.

Before I had the first bend completed, Brighton didn't want to work on my door any more. He wanted to build his own "Jenny door".

So, we cut a scrap piece of sheet metal in the shears and set up the brake to make a 1/2 inch flange. With a push of the handle...

The bend was complete.

Time to make the door.


Anyway, while Bright was pounding away on his door, I finished this one.

More soon. I got a upstairs bath tub leak to fix tomorrow. Big stain on the ceiling. Once that is fixed, I'll head to the hangar.




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