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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Seats and cowl

Well, the seats have come back from the upholstery shop. Check it out:

He did a great job and I'm pleased. The seats will be ready for installation as soon as he finished putting the buttons on the cushions.

The first sheet metal part I decided to make was the one on the belly. Luckily, the drawing was pretty accurate.

Here is the belly sheet metal. The 3/16 beads will be added later.

The side cowl drawings are really hard to read. Many of the dimensions are smudged. Luckily, I have an original side cowl to use as a pattern.

Many of the dimensions were taken right from the cowl. To fit the Hisso, a cutout needed to be made to accommodate the spark plugs.

This is an OX-5 cowling. The spark plug cutout nearly touches the upper bead. Interestingly, the drawing (which is for a Hisso JN4D2) does not have the upper bead in this area.

Time to cut some metal. This is 3003 H aluminum .032 thickness.

Here you can see the spark plug cutout. Much time was spent getting the holes lined up for the two cowl wire attach points.

That was it for one night. There is a lot more trimming to get the side cowl to fit, plus the beading, fabrication of the two doors.....stay tuned!



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