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Friday, September 30, 2011

Soldering and Oil tank intake tube beading

I started off tonight by soldering the engine compartment cross wires. Fellow Jenny restorer Phil Mintari recommended using a non-acid flux/solder mix so I decided to try it.

The iron can be seen on the left. This shows you what it looks like when you begin the soldering process. Kinda messy...

One technique is to get a "puddle" of solder on the tip of the iron and rotate the wire in the puddle. Of course, you really want to make sure the solder penetrates underneath the wrapping. When I get to the gap area, I pour a lot of solder into the gap and make it flow rearwards.

After the soldering is finished, I wash away the flux and residue with water and an old toothbrush.

Viola! One completed end.

All four ends were soldered and the wires reinstalled.

I wanted to finish fabricating the oil tank. The basic structure had been built a long time ago and Much thought has been given to the oil inlet and outlet tubes. I didn't want to just weld an aluminum tube to the side of the tank. I thought that method could easily crack and fail. Secondly, I wanted the tube to retain the oil hose without leaking. Here's what I did.

I wanted the inlet/outlet tubes to be beaded. Bill Hammond had just the tool.

I took a length of aluminum tubing, sprayed it with light oil and began the beading process.

You can see how the dies make the bead. Pretty neat! The tubes were then cut to length.

Instead of welding the tubing right to the side of the oil tank, I felt better using a reenforcing boss. I bought these at Aircraft Spruce. The boss on the right will have a oil drain fitting. The tubes will be welded to the bosses and the bosses welded to the tank.

This is where the oil outlet will go.

And the oil return.

The fill cap will be welded here.

And the drain fitting.

The tank is almost ready for welding. I need to do some more trimming, make the radius in the flange cutout more rounded and give one final fit in the fuselage. Whew!

More soon



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