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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ignition switch

Here is the offending o-ring on the Buzz pump. Somehow, it got split when the pump was built. I emailed the factory and they are sending another o-ring.

It was time to wire the ignition switch. Paul Dougherty recommended the Brillman Co for old style wire.

Here is the black 16 gauge wire.

I also bought some 3/8 in conduit but in retrospect, I should have gotten some larger stuff. That size only holds three strands of the 16 gauge wire.

Anyway, once the switch was wired, Ron and I figured out where we wanted the conduit to go.

It is secured underneath the upper longeron with a simple clamp and a brass screw.

The conduit ends at the firewall.

Here is the back side of the switch. The wires will be secured above the switch later.

Here is the front side of the switch.

The booster magneto was secured to the airframe by four AN-3 bolts.

Here is the back side of the mag. The wires will be installed soon.




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