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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Wire wrapping...and wrapping...and wrapping...

The other night, while sitting on the couch pondering why I ate too much at our Memorial Day picnic, I decided to head to the shop and make a few more wires. Two text messages later, Brian Eberle joined me and we went to work.

I called it "Dueling Wire Wrapping Machines" - we each made wires on either end of the table.

This morning, I went back to the shop and continued working.

The wire cut-offs are a good measure of progress.

My wife took the other three kids for haircuts, so Brighton accompanied me to the hangar. He wanted to make his own wire, so I set up one of the tools and told him what to do.

He wrapped for a while and I showed him how to tap the wraps to make them tight.

The grinding wheel was a little scary for him, so I cut off the end and he finished the wrap.

Then he saw the bubble wrap in the corner and all thoughts of making more wires went away.

Seven more wires to go.

I may not post anything for a week or two so hang on - got a busy week ahead with other things. You might have noticed that my trusty Panasonic digital camera seems like it is getting sick (the pictures have been blurry). It's been a faithful camera for the last ten years and it took all the pictures you have seen on this blog. But I think it is time for a new camera. Oh, well. Good bye old friend.




Blogger JT said...

The work looks amazing Brian. just keep wrapping... I'm looking forward to seeing the progress in person soon!

5:24 PM  

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