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Thursday, June 16, 2011

King post

Brian volunteered to work last night, so after a few slices of Pizza he started wrapping wires.

On the the other end of the work bench, I started making the six wires right aileron brace wires. The .010 piano wire was bent using the wire bending tool.

The loose ends were bent up by hand and cut off with wire cutters.

Voila! One wire end awaiting a shackle.

The six wires were completed shortly thereafter. I have not tensioned the wires yet.

Before Brian made the rear king post wires, we cut and drilled the king post rod.

Here is how the bracing rod fits. I used some 7/16 in .049 steel tubing for this. I have a drawing of the general king post area, but nothing states the size of the rod. Luckily, I had two original king post top brackets and I measured the socket to get the correct size.

We switched duties and I took a turn wrapping wires while Brian cut out the king post cross brace fittings out of sheet steel.

Two more to go.

Here is the fitting after a little bending. The end will be brazed before the wire loop is attached.

That was enough for one night. Here is the progress so far.

We are still on track for the photo roll out Monday evening. Enjoy!



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