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Friday, April 01, 2011

Aileron trailing edge fittings

Spent most of today drilling the rest of the aileron hinges and I am proud to say...they are finished! Both ailerons are firmly attached to the rear spar. I've posted enough aileron hinge fitting pictures already so we will move on.

I had nearly a complete set of original aileron trailing edge hardware. They were bent up quite a bit, but a little work with some duck billed pliers, a hammer and a piece of tubing got them straightened out. Here is the outer fitting.

This is the center fitting. These fittings brace the trailing edge. There will be hard wire between these fittings and the back of the aileron horn. Trust me...and give me some time. It will make sense soon.

Here is the inner fitting.

Sometimes, when you're really making progress and metal is being cut, wood being shaved and paint goes flying across the air, your tools get deposited wherever they were used. The shop was looking that way recently, so I took some time to clean up and reorganize for the next flurry of building activity.

Till then - enjoy



Blogger Christopher said...

Wow, just incredible workmanship & dedication. Take good care of that thing.

12:04 PM  
Blogger Brian Karli said...

Thanks, Christopher. I'll take good care of it!


8:18 AM  

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