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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Radiator and support

I was supposed to work today, but my flight canceled because of the inclement weather in New York. So, I headed to the shop.

Recognize these? The throttle brackets were painted this afternoon.

We stopped work on the radiator bracket because I didn't have any steel rivets. Ron picked up some this morning. They are 1/8 in. diameter rivets. Jacob Biang ran all the RV builder classes and he told me that the rivet length should be equal to your material (in this case two .090 plates) plus 1.5 times the diameter. It's nice to have knowledgeable friends.

Anyway, the pilot holes were drilled with a #30 bit and the steel rivets installed.

After some scotch brite, more primer and a coat of black paint, the radiator support is finally ready to carry the weight of the radiator.

Speaking of the radiator, the side of the expansion tank hits the Hisso cylinder banks so off it came with a cutoff wheel.

Some brass sheet was cut to size.

After much fitting, the new side piece was ready to solder. This piece of brass does not just sit flush with the ends of the tank. The piece of brass has "ears" which go inside the hole. It holds the piece in place and the extra material makes it stronger.

Plus it is easier to solder that way. Here is what the side looks like after the solder is applied.

Here is what it looks like after sanding with a Dremel tool.

The lower piece was made the same way. Here you can see the "ear" that I was talking about.

Soldered and sanded - this side is done.

Lastly, I'd like to ask the model builders out there for a favor.

Roland KuĊ‚akowski from Poland e-mailed me asking for plans to build an R/C Jenny. I'd like to help him out, but a full set of Jenny plans cost close to $900. That's a lot of money. What's the best Jenny R/C kit out there? How about you guys who scratch built those gorgeous R/C Jennies - what drawings did you use?

Email me if you can help.

More next week!



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