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Monday, December 06, 2010

U-bolts, radiator and engine installation

A bunch of Cub Scout visited the shop last evening to carve their Pinewood Derby cars. Well, they didn't actually carve them but rather cut out their desired body styles using the bandsaws, sanders and drill presses. It was fun working with the kids. Interestingly, once they were finished, they had just as much fun racing the odd shaped cutoff pieces down the hangar ramp.

Later, Brian Eberly brought a pizza (thanks, Brian) and Glen Marsh offered to help so we went to work on the Jenny. The engine bearer u-bolts were brazed first.

After they were brazed, the bead blaster took off all the slag.

And the bolts were given a coat of primer paint. They will be painted black later.

Here is how the u-bolt fits.

While I was doing that, Brian started working on the brackets which go underneath the engine bearers.

Four brackets.

Bent 90 degrees.

Here they are.

And here is where they will go.

Before Station 3 cross brace, the fuel tank cradle and Brian's brackets are drilled (they all go together) I wanted to install the engine one last time to make sure everything fit.

While I was doing that, Glen cut the flange off the radiator. I noticed that the flange was built too far towards the inside. The flange is supposed to offer support to the sheet metal side pieces. Instead of a 1/16 in. gap, there was a 1/4 in gap.

The radiator fit OK. We noticed another problem. The water tank at the top of the radiator was too wide. I did not have a drawing for the Hisso radiator so I used the OX-5 radiator drawing as a starting point, studied a bunch of old photographs, and took a guess. I made the water tank the same size as the OX-5. But the cylinder banks of the Hisso touch the sides so I'll have to shorten the tank.

But for now, the radiator fit fine enough for the purpose at hand - to drill the above mentioned holes.

Couldn't resist fitting the original Jenny exhaust!

Thought this was a cool picture.

More soon



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