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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wire hoops, cable guides, Station 3 support

Glen Marsh was kind enough to overhaul the inside of my mag switch so I painted the case a gloss black color today and added the white letters.

I also finished making the wire hoops. Once again, the .080 hard wire was bent into a loop, wrapped with wire and soldered.

Here is the rear "hoop" in place at the tail post.

And the other "hoop" location underneath the rear wing attach fitting. The fabric should fit just nicely around there.

The rudder cable guide blocks were given their final coat of varnish and drilled for the long, brass screws.

Here is the rudder cable guide installed. This keeps the cables from rubbing on the elevator horn.

Station 3 is the metal cross tube that is different than the OX-5 Jennies. Instead of a curving arc, the tubing angles down with a curve in the middle. I intentionally left the engine bearer support brackets off the tube when I made it. I didn't want to weld them in place initially but rather weld them later when I knew the exact location of the engine bearers. Since a bolt goes through here, I thought the alignment was somewhat important.

Now, how do you weld on a tube surrounded by wood?

Simple. I got a bunch of soaking wet towels and surrounded the area. I paid particular attention to the end of the tube where it meets the upper longeron. I wanted to keep that area cool.

It worked just fine. When I removed the towels, the longerons were cool. For the picture, I moved the engine bearers back into place so you can see the relationship.

The next step is to put the wet towels back into place and weld the side supports onto the brackets.

More soon. Enjoy!



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