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Friday, November 26, 2010

Station 3 braces, Mag Switch & Fuel Gauge

The side pieces of Station 3's brace were made today and welded in place.

And the left side was started. Notice the wet towels around the tubing. I had to weld these pieces with the tubing in the airframe...a wooden airframe. The top part was welded first.

Then the side pieces were fabricated...

...and welded in place. Here is a picture of left brace after the primer paint was sprayed.

Now you can see the braces with the engine bearers in place. Next step is to drill through everything - the tank cradle strap, station 3 brace, engine bearer and a 90 degree brace under the engine bearer (which had to be made yet) and bolt everything together.

Also had time to install the magneto switch. Glen Marsh was kind enough to clean up this switch but I only told him to "paint it black". Later, I realized that the switch was "gloss black" so I had to repaint it. either way, the switch looks good in place. I can't wait to install the vintage style wires.

John Gaertner is nearly finished with the fuel gauge.

I like it!

More soon



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