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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Rudder Bar wires and Furring strips

Well, the first set of inter-rudder bar wires I made were too short! Oh, well. After remeasuring (carefully this time) the second set was made.

Here is the right cable in place.

The elevator stops were installed last night. Here is the front stop.

And the rear stop. When it comes time to rig the elevators, these stops can be moved front and back to set the right elevator travel. Pretty simple...and ingenious!

The furring strips are made from spruce strips. After consulting the Curtiss drawings, the last 12 inches of the rear lower strip tapers down to 1/8 in. So, the strip was measured and marked.

Cut on the bandsaw.

And sanded to the line with the spindle sander.

The strips are notched for the floorboard support straps. I set up the router to cut 1/8 in deep and ran the strips across in the appropriate locations.

Nice fit.

Here you can see the right lower rearmost strip.

And the taper. These strips will be varnished and attached to the longerons with countersunk brass screws.

The next post will probably happen late next week. Until then...




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