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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cotter Keys and safety wire

Last evening, Glen Marsh and Brian Eberle joined me at the hangar. Our goal was simple - cotter key every bolt and wrap safety wire around every turnbuckle. Considering how many turnbuckles and bolts were on the Jenny, we planned for a long night!

But before we got started, Brian took a few minutes to install the upper brace for the Booster Mag.

Here is how the brace attaches to the fuselage.

And the right side brace.

Now it was time to get working on the goal.

Here is Glen wrapping safety wire around a turnbuckle.

Brian doing the same on the other side.

Me too...

Around midnight, we made it all the way from the tail to the rear seat. I should have counted how many turnbuckles and cotter keys we touched, but I didn't. Something inside me didn't want to know.

Interestingly, it was nice to perform mindless work for a few hours. All three of us had a chance to chat aimlessly about whatever came to mind. Normally, I feel like I'm not very social when we get together to work on the Jenny. I'm usually thinking about how to build a part or solve a problem and I normally have a pretty aggressive shop agenda so there isn't much time for chit chat. But last evening was great.

My friend John Guttery from Fort Worth, Texas emailed me the other day. He had asked me several months ago if I knew anything about Jenny engine covers. I had never seen one nor did I think they used any. But John found these two neat pictures. He wrote:

I located the picture (attached) I had seen and haven't seen another. These are at Penn Field in Austin. The planes were from Kelly Field. Some of Penn Field is still there off of South Congress just north of Ben White if you ever have any time in Austin. It is not too far from AUS and there is an excellent coffee place there. I still wonder why they covered the engines. There is not much problem in keeping warm in either Austin or San Antonio.

Take care.

Ben Guttery
Fort Worth, Texas

Sure enough - there are engine covers on the Jennies!

If you click on the picture, it will get bigger and you can see the details.

Thanks Ben. I really enjoyed the photographs.

More soon.



Blogger Frank said...

Absolutely amazing, can't wait to see it flying at the next Fly-In!

7:35 AM  

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