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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Control Stick tube

Good Jenny day today.

After being gone for the last four days, it was good to head back to the hangar. OK, I gotta tell you about the tires. I mounted them wrong. Several people e-mailed me and said, "Did you put the bands around the rims?"

I said, "What bands?"

"The ones that keep the spokes from puncturing the tubes."

"Uh, oh." Right then, I knew the tires would have to come off...again. Oh, well. One good thing - I'm getting good at changing tires! Anyway, I went to the local motorcycle shop and asked for 19 in. tire bands. They had them in stock.

Here you can see the bands with a new tube. This will be a project for when I have some help. Today I was alone at the shop.

While I was there, I cut two 1/8 in. wide bushings from some stock.

Before sanding and filing.

They are being used as spacers for the rod end on the elevator control "H".

See, the control stick has to move left and right...and up and down. The rod end allows this to happen. The spacers just fill in the gap between the "H" arm.

I made one end of the the pushrod by welding a nut to the end of the tube.

See how it goes.

The rod connects from the stick to the "H" horn through the fan casting. Pretty neat, eh?

I'll make the front end of the control rod later.

I'm happy to say our museum had a fantastic turnout for Vintage Days. We had nearly 2000 people attend and 50 aeroplanes fly into the event. It was fun for me, and a lot of others even if I ran around like a headless chicken.

If you are bored, look at for coverage. I'll probably have photos of Vintage Days published by the end of the weekend.




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