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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cable Splices, Throttle Rod & Coppering

Hey, I finally figured it out! I successfully made a 5 Tuck Navy Splice! It really wasn't that hard once you figure it out. Let me practice a little more and I promise I'll post step by step directions on how to make the splice.

This is where the first splice will go - the front rudder bar.

Since the paint was sufficiently dry, I installed the inter-stick pushrod.

And the rear stick pushrods.

Here you can see the rear stick pushrod attached to the elevator horn.

Took time to drill the fuel shutoff handle. A cotter key was installed thereafter.

Today, I decided to build the front throttle pushrods. I cut some tubing to size and flattened the ends. On one end, a 3/16 in. hole was drilled. On the other end, a fork was built out of some .063 sheet steel.

I thought I made the fork long enough, but the throttles have really long throws and the fork hit the mixer arm! So, I carved out the mixer arm and it worked really well. I didn't want the fork too long because I thought it would be weak.

The upper part of the arm will be used for the push/pull cable to the Hisso carburetor. Here's the front lever in place.

And the back side.

I had a little leftover time before the kids got off the school bus, so I finished the coppering on the lower left rear cabane strut.

The fuel pump bracket and the fresh coppering got a second and first coat of varnish respectively.

Also - I forgot to mention - once you finish the last tuck of the splice, rib stitching cord is wrapped around the end and sealed with varnish.

More soon




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