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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tires, Bungees & stick control

I decided to re-make the stick interconnect tube because I drilled the first one wrong! It happens. Get over it and move on.

Anyway, the back end was started (again) by flattening a piece of tubing.

The end was welded shut.

Brian Eberle was kind enough to cut out the side pieces...for the second time.

They were welded in place.

Here it is.

Here's how it mounts to the rear stick.

The front attach point was started by welding a piece of round tubing to the tube.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but this gives you an idea of the fit. A .060 strap will be welded around the tube for extra strength later.

Tires !! OK everyone - learn from me. Do not use screwdrivers to mount the tires. Sure enough, I nicked one of the tubes. Off came the tire. In went a new tube.

Brian Eberle got a set of tire irons. Boy, what a difference. These tools made the tire slip right on the rim and the blunt edges kept the tube intact.

See, the iron is designed for the bead to slip around the rim.

Now that the tires were finished, I decided to figure out how to mount the bungee cords. I used a piece of rope to practice.

When it came time to use the actual bungee cord, I found that a curved rib stitch cord needle works perfectly to make the starter wrap. I made the wraps (using round waxed rib stitch cord) on the top of the axle shoes because it was easier than trying to wrap the cord from underneath. When the wraps were finished, I rotated the bungee cord so you wouldn't see the wraps.

The bungee cord was then pulled under the peach basket, over the axle, under the peach basket, over the axle and so on... Each time, I put as much tension on the bungee cord as I could. I wanted the cord really tight.

When the last loop was made, I tied the loose end to the prior loop and wrapped with rib stitch cord. Once again, I didn't want to see the wrap.

All finished. Now it is time to put varnish on the cord and cut off ends of the bungees.

The wheels were installed....

There it is! The fuselage is now self supporting.

Progress on the fuel gauges is happening in John Gaertner's shop. He just sent the fuel gauge face for printing. The gauge should be done soon.

More soon.



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