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Monday, June 21, 2010

Turtledeck cable plate and stick socket

Headed to the hangar this afternoon. First thing I did was clean up the place. I had left it a mess after the last time I worked on the Jenny so I took an hour to tidy up.

My goal today was to finish up the turtledeck and get it ready to varnish. There wasn't too much guidance on the routing of the rudder cables, so I ran a string from the rudder horns to the rudder bar. The string passes through the turtledeck about 20 inches from the last bulkhead.

A plate with an oval hole needed to be made to allow the cable to pass.

First, I cut a hole in the plate with the scroll saw.

Then the plate was put in place on the turtledeck and the stringers marked on the back side. Excess plywood was cut off with the bandsaw.

Here you can see the string running through the plate.

The plate is flush with the top of the stringers, so a 3/16 in notch had to be cut out of the stringers. I did this with a Dremel took and finished it with a chisel.

Here's the right side plate in the "notches".

I also promised a more detailed shot of the stick sockets. The inner ball had the torque tube removed so you could see the tapered pins machined to fit the curvature of the tube.

These pins stick out into a threaded "keeper" and the "keeper" is locked in place with a jam nut.

Pretty neat, eh?

More soon. Enjoy



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