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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Control System

Last evening, after the kids were fed, dog was walked and the dishes put away, I headed for the hangar. Brian Eberle, a local pilot and fellow airplane nut offered to help me work on the Jenny. I wasted no time and handed him the dremel tool!

Brian cut out the stringers to accept the left rudder cable guide.

Where it was fitted and glued into place.

While Brian was doing that, I finished drilling the rear floorboards and inserted the brass screws.

Brian finished the rudder cable guide and went to work on the front floorboards.

Then we marked the floorboards for the drilling of the castings. This took a lot of time because we wanted wanted to make sure the castings were in the proper place, right down the center line of the airplane and centered laterally.

This was really exciting. Months had been spent making the castings and now it was time to install them for good.

The rudder bar pedestals were drilled first. The forward AN3 bolts straddle the floorboard brace and the "leg" bolts straddle the front tie rods. I'll show you an underside shot when I finish making the brackets.

Then the rear stick pedestal was installed. Here you can see how the curved torque tube clears the rudder bar.

And lastly, the front stick pedestal was installed.

It was an extremely productive day that extended past midnight! More soon.




Anonymous Jonathan Wanzer said...


Wow! She is really looking good. I just want to say thanks again for all of the extra work you have been doing in keeping up with the build-blog. All this work is greatly appreciated.


3:10 PM  
Blogger Brian Karli said...

Thanks, Jonathan. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. Keep in touch.


3:20 PM  

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