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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Turnbuckle wrapping

I was supposed to have a meeting at work today, but it canceled. The wife went to the "end of year" party at school for the older three boys, so Brighton and I headed for the hangar.

We glued and clamped the left side turtledeck stringer.

Then we started on the turnbuckles.

We picked a bay closer to the back of the fuselage where Brighton could reach. I showed him how to put the cotter pin in the bolt hole.

He also put the brass wire into the turnbuckle hole.

I decided the single wrap method would work best. Besides, there was a diagram of this method in the Curtiss Assembly and Rigging book, so that settles it for me.

First step is to put the wire through the hole, pull one end around and "hook" the wire inside the other one.

Then run the wire around the eyelet and start wrapping.

The finished end.

On the other side, send the wire through the fork end.

And wrap the same way.

We made half a dozen turnbuckle wraps before it was time to go home. Of course, no job is finished until cleanup is done. Now if I could only get him to clean his room.....




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