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Welcome! We hope you enjoy following the restoration process of a 1918 Curtiss JN4D Jenny. Once completed, the aeroplane will be flown and displayed at the Candler Field Museum in Williamson GA (30 miles south of Atlanta). You can contact me below by clicking on "VIEW MY PROFILE"

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Floorboard support

We made the rear floorboard support last night, the one that straddled the rear spar carry through tube. The Curtiss drawing called for a 5/8 in. radius which we rough cut on the router table.

We did this with incremental cuts using a round nosed router bit.

Then, Glen finished the radius with a round sanding bit.

Here is a trial fit of the support. We made the piece exactly like the print but with much skepticism. After all, it was a D2 print. Sure enough, the piece was too tall. We put a straight edge to mark the floorboard height and marked the line with a pencil.

Off to the bandsaw! With some finish sanding, the piece fit just right.

I also spent some time trying to get the torque tube exactly straight. This did not go as well as I had planned, so some more heating and adjusting will be necessary the next time I go to the shop.

Also drilled the first hole in the casting fan. The aileron wires travel around this fan, through the hole and attach in the center. You'll see this better in the future when we finish the fan.

Also countersunk the holes in the floorboards and actually screwed the rear ones in. No pictures of that because we have more to do, but I'll get some next time.

Cliff Hartley sent me a link with a really good book about Jenny construction from back in 1917. He found the books on the links page of a guy building a Sopwith Baby replica. I downloaded the book and found some really useful stuff. There were lots of good drawings of Jenny fittings.

Anyway, It's called :

Aeroplane construction and assembly

By James Thomas King, Norval Wilfred Leslie

You can view it by cutting and pasting the link below :

Or clicking on the link:

Cliff also sent me a picture of the Jenny model he built. Thought you might like seeing it. I know I did. He wrote:

Actually I'm thinking of building my third Jenny. I have built two others from old Bud Nosen kits. This is the last one I built and sold right before we moved from Arizona . The Nosen kit isn’t very scale but I redid it and added more scale wing mounts and struts and several other things. I also used some items from Proctor like their scale OX-5.


The kids are off school next week so I doubt I'll get much shop time. We have some fun family things planned and I hope to post some more Jenny progress when they return to school. The kids are getting older every day and soon they will be out of the house, so I better use this week productively.

Till then...enjoy



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