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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Cabane Struts and Floorboards

I was waiting for some warm weather to return so I could do some varnishing and it was nearly 80 degrees today. So, I took some time to give the cabane struts some final sanding. I wanted to make sure that the struts fit both the top fittings and the fuselage fittings when the 10 oz. copper was installed. The struts were a close fit without the copper, so quite a bit of time was spend with the belt sander slowly and carefully taking away material and making room for the copper. After a final sanding by hand with a sanding block, the varnish was applied.

I also varnished the control sticks and the throttle knobs.

The struts sure look nice with the varnish on them. I have been applying the first coat as a thin mixture, adding an additional part of reducer. Since more sanding has to be done anyway, this thin mixture really penetrates the grain nicely.

While that was drying, I laid out the pattern for drilling the floorboards.

The holes were drilled with the press.

Since the floorboards were removed, now you can see the structure underneath. There will be bolts going through the supports to hold the stick casting in place.

The rear rudder bar casting attaches with bolts around the forward support. The shim underneath the casting "leg" is just a spacer until I finish making the spruce support that sits on top of the spar carry-through bar.

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