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Monday, March 29, 2010

Control Stick Torque Tube & Spacers

Worked on the torque again tube today. Here you can see the right side of the tube bent back to level.

With some more heat, the other side was bent level too.

One of the key things is making sure the tube is straight. This required laying the tube on a flat table, measuring and adjusting accordingly. It's always fun watching the tube cool - it moves! But, after a few "tweaks" it came out reasonably straight.

By design, and for no reason I can give you, the floorboards are slanted. But, the torque tube is level, remember? So Curtiss used wooden shims to level the castings.

By leveling the tube, I measured 9/16 at the highest end and 1/4 in on the low end.

So, A board of sufficient width was planed to 9/16 in. and with some 80 grit sandpaper, tapered to 1/4 in.

The finished board.

Then the outline of the casting was traced on the board...

...and cut with the scroll saw.

Ah, my beloved spindle sander...being used again.

Here is the spacer in place.

One clearance issue is the control fan. Too high and it hits the seat!

This is why there is a bend in the tube.

The front shim was made the same way, but the front floorboard is level. No taper here! I made it 9/16 in thick, but I think I might try a thinner shim.

More later!



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