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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Struts, Tail Brace and Instrument Panel

The new wing struts arrived from John Morak today. They sure are beautiful pieces of spruce and I was thrilled with John's workmanship.

He also made a set of king post struts. More about them later.

If you remember, John made a set of cabane struts several months ago and we could not resist putting them in their sockets.

Had a good shop day today. I decided to continue making the rear stabilizer braces. The first step was to flatten the tube until it measured 1/4 in. (the size of the triangular fitting)

Then, the two side pieces were cut.

The bottom of the side pieces needed a slight bend to match the flattened tube.

See the slight curve?

Here's the strut after welding.

And the second one.

The triangular piece was cut out earlier but today we drilled the holes.

This piece gets a 27 degree angle. The only way to bend steel this thick is to use heat...

..before you bend it with a hammer.

Here is how it goes together at the bottom of the tail post.

Glen Marsh was busy cutting out the instrument panel. We laid out the instruments earlier and marked the holes.

To make the holes we used the scroll saw. I know there are lots of other ways to cut holes - fly cutter, hole saw etc. - but each instrument had a different radius and I found it easier to rough cut it with the scroll saw and sand to the line with a spindle sander.

Here is the panel in place.

And the panel with the instruments installed.

Of course the instruments need to get overhauled, but we wanted to drill the holes before we sent them out.

More soon. Enjoy



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