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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Fuselage moved

Well, I finally ran out of room in the garage. I've reached a point where a few things have to happen:

The engine must be installed so I can get the engine bearers aligned and the firewall drilled which allows the fuel tank to be installed.

The wings will arrive around the end of the month and I want to make sure everything fits.

The tail must be installed to finish the back of the turtledeck (I want a good fit).

So, a decision was made to move the Jenny to the hangar where I had more room. My friend and fellow Bucker owner Richard Epton volunteered to help.

It was really cold yesterday (yes, it snows in Georgia, too) but after Richard finished bonding with our family schnauzer, we got to work.

Out came the fuselage...on the gear!

My wife helped too. She wanted to know if she could have her garage back, but she knew the answer. There is already a crate with a tired set of Bucker Jungmann wings setting where her car should be. I have a very patient wife.

Onto the trailer.

And strapped in for the 10 minute ride to the hangar.


Now, back to work.

At least I'll have good company.

More soon



Blogger JT said...

Congrats on the BIG MOVE.... so who's hangar is that in the pics?

7:34 PM  

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