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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Visit to see Frank Schelling's Hisso Jenny

It's pretty neat when you correspond with a person for many years and finally get to actually meet them!

One of the nice things about flying for a living is that you get to go to a lot of neat places. My trip this week took me to San Jose, California. On layovers, I have a tendancy to skip the tourist sights and head for the nearest little airport. I know, it's an illness. I should have my head examined. But, hey. Little airports are where I feel most at home.

Over the years, I was fortunate enough to correspond with Frank Schelling, who owns a Hisso powered Jenny in Sonoma, California. Frank was always kind enough to answer all my e-mails and phone calls when I was stuck on a particular Jenny problem, especially questions dealing with the Hisso engine installation. So, I called Frank and told him about my layover in San Jose. We decided to meet the next morning.

I'm sure Frank had plenty to do that day, but he was kind enough to meet me at the Schellville Airport and show me around.

Boy, was he helpful! He opened up all the engine panels and I was able to photograph stuff like the fuel pump installation, throttle and mixture linkages etc. Since no drawings for the Hisso installation exist, seeing a real - life Hisso Jenny was educational.

Frank also gave me a lot of tips about running and maintaining the engine.

I was fortunate to get a lot of photographs of the entire aeroplane so if anyone out there wants to build a Jenny, I have lots of pictures to send you.

Frank asked me if I wanted to sit inside the cockpit. What aviator worth his salt would turn down that offer?

What a machine. Too bad the guy in the cockpit ruined the picture.

Once again, I'm amazed by the number of nice people I meet in aviation. Frank is one of those people. Unfortunately, sitting in his Jenny made me want to fly home right away and work non-stop on our Jenny until it was finished. I'm sure my boss would have something to say about that when he had to hitch hike home from San Jose.

Anyway, more soon



Blogger ben said...

I guess I didn't realizer the rocker arms were covered on the Hisso. That should make for a cleaner operation.

6:27 PM  

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