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Friday, December 04, 2009

Fuel Shutoff bracket & Turtledeck

OK, Brian. Back to work.

I put the dado blade in the table saw this afternoon and cut the 1/4 in. grooves in the bulkhead support. Using the table saw made it easy to cut the 3/16 in. deep dadoes needed to hold the turtledeck stringers.

The bulkhead support will be glued to the first bulkhead later.

Also cut out the 1/4 in. thick steel for the fuel tank shutoff rod using the drawings I got from Paul Dougherty.

Using the bending blocks and the vice, the steel was bent into shape.

With the bandsaw, the flanges were given a 1/2 in. radius

Ground smooth on the grinder followed by a little file work.

And the bracket is shaped! Here's the bracket in place awaiting the lightening holes and the 5/16 in hole to support the rod.

Spent a lot of time making the mahogony frame for the baggage compartment, but after I removed the clamps, I was not happy with the way it turned out. My 45 degree corners were not as tight as I would have liked and the entire thing was not square to the door. So,I'm going to remake this piece. It happens.


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