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Monday, December 07, 2009

Baggage door

Pretty productive day today - if you count driving all over town tracking down material productive! The first stop was a millwork in Atlanta to get some thick Mahogany to make the fuel shutoff handle. Below you can see the template I made to use when turning the stock tomorow.

The rest of the morning was spent tracking down the baggage door lock. Home Depot didn't have it, nor did a local hardware store. So across town I went to Lowes. They had it - a perfect substitute for the 1917 baggage door lock if I ever saw one.

After lunch, I re-made the baggage door and cut the angles on the bandsaw, finishing them on the belt sander.

Lots of fitting and sanding......

The strips hang over the door by 1/4 in.

Before you glue everything together, each strip gets a 1/8 in. radius. Before you bevel everything, please read on!

Now it can go together for good.

To install the baggage door lock, mounting blocks must be added. So, when you round the edge of the top strip - keep the center 2 inches square! That's where the lock attaches. I had to cut off the bevel and add square pieces to make it fit. Oh, life is about learning...right?

The bottom strip is not so critical. It works with the rounded edges. just add your lower blocks for the hinges and you are fine

Ready for glue!

Before the kids came home from school, I cut the big hinge into 1 1/4 in. pieces. These pieces will be shaped into the turtledeck hinges later.

Tomorrow morning, I'll spend some time on the lathe making my new Mahogany block into sawdust....and a few fuel handles.
Till then. Enjoy


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