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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pulleys and casting

Hello again! I was only down and out for a day and I was feeling better shortly thereafter, so those of you who sent their regards, thank you. But, the reason the blog seemed to stop was not due to the illness, but rather a long international trip at work.

I just returned and I was pleased to see a box on my doorstep from Harry Burak at Zemco Machine Inc. They were the new pulleys for the Jenny.

The original Jenny pulley is somewhat unique and after searching through several catalogs (MSC, McMaster-Carr) none of the pulleys today were exactly the same. Paul Daugherty had Harry Burak copy an original piece and lucky for me, Harry saved the CAD program.

The pulleys have an inside bearing which can be purchased at Aircraft Spruce.

Harry can make many more, if you need a set. He can be reached at: Zemco Machine Inc. 205 N. Broad St. Doylestown, PA 18901.

Also in the box was a new fuel tank gauge flange. It gets soldered to the tank. Noticed that it is angled. To accomodate the downthrust of the OX-5 engine, the fuel tank sits at an angle in the fuselage. That would mean the fuel gauge would be angled, too. This piece maked the fuel gauge sit level with the fuselage.

That being said, the Hisso doesn't have the downthrust like the OX-5 so I may not be able to use this piece as it was intended. We'll cross that path when the rest of the fuel gauge is finished.

More soon



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