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Friday, November 13, 2009

Firewall flange & tail skid wires

I stopped by Richard Epton's hangar today and cut some galvanized sheet into 1 1/2 in. strips for the firewall flange using his shears.

Then the strip was bent in half with the brake.

And finally the curve was created using a shrinker.

It's best to work from one end to the other.

Getting the best fit possible.

The finished curve will eventually be riveted to the firewall.

I was not happy with the first tail skid wire spacer I made. I guessed the dimentions by using Paul Daugherty's Jenny as a template, but when I built the tail skid, the skid hit the wires. So, a new, wider one needed to be made.
First step was to weld a new rectangle out of 1/4. in tubing. Then, the wire bender was dusted off and put to good use.

Here's the new assembly.

As you can see, when the tail skid pivots (to turn the aeroplane) the wood does not hit the wires.

Here's another view.

I could not resist - Brighton calls this his "Jenny Propeller"



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