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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Forward aileron cable pulley assembly

Sorry for the delay again. The wife and three of the four kids were sick all week so it wasn't much fun around here lately. But after I made a bunch of chicken soup and an emptied out the medicine cabinet, they became functional and that gave me a spare hour ot two for some shop time today.

I wanted to make the forward aileron cable pulley assembly.

There was a drawing for this part, so I made poster board patterns to their specifications. But, the patterns didn't work! Let me explain. The aileron cable bellcrank is a fan shaped casting underneath the rear seat. The cables have to run forward before turning and exiting the fuselage. In order to reach the upper wing, they have to "climb" at a 14 degree angle.

This two piece pulley assembly is supposed to do that.

The drawing was correct for the upper piece. It had the perfect 14 degree angle. But the lower piece did not have that. So, I scrapped the lower drawing and made my own.

The upper pattern was copied to the .100 sheet steel and cut out with the bandsaw.

Smoothed with a grinder and file.

And bent over a 1/16 in. radius bending block.

To bend the "ears" I had to get creative with the blocks!

Here's how it goes. Notice the 14 degree angle of the pulley.

That's all I had time for today. More tomorow now that the family is healthy again.



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