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Monday, October 19, 2009

Aileron Cable pulley

I had great intention of working all day in the shop today, but remember when I said the entire family got the flu but me? That statement isn't true anymore. I went out to the shop (with my helper below) but by noon, I left the tools were they were and headed for bed. Man, this is no fun.

"You maded another one, dad." Brighton was right. I made the second upper pulley assembly as described in the previous blog.

As for the lower piece - forget the drawing. Even the corrections I made. I learned this after my third try. The best thing to do is bend the 1 in. wide inner piece to fit the upper piece. Remember to add a washer above the pulley when you clamp everything together. It acts like a spacer otherwise the assembly gets tight and you can't move the pulley when you're done.

Remember, this has a 14 degree bend, so the front end of the ear is flush and the other stays inside. So, heat the ear....
...and bend it over with a hammer.

Voila! You can see the different angles in this photo.

Of course, the assembly needs to be filed smooth, bead blasted, etc. That comes later.

John Gaertner is solving the tricky issue of boaring the center hole for the rudder bar. He's almost there. The "leg" of the casting makes the lathe wobble, even at only 300 RPM.

The third wing is finished and work is commencing on wing #4.

All right. I'm beat. Back to bed.


Blogger Michael Brennan said...

I hope you are back in action soon. It is a far better thing to be well.

Mike Brennan

8:00 AM  

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