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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tail Skid and Tail Shoe

Months ago, I bent the tail skid into shape. I spent a lot of time working this piece but I never seemed to get it to fit "just right". I got pretty frustrated so I decided to leave it alone and build something else on the airplane.

But, now it was time to finish the tailk skid. I was not looking forward to frustrating myself again, but that did not happen. Within five minutes of heating and tweaking, I had the tail skid perfectly alligned! Ha! I guess I just needed some time away from it.

The tail skid utilizes a steel washer at each pivot point, so I cut that out of some .100 steel. They will be drilled later.

Then, I took some 3/16 in steel and cut a long strip. This will be the tail skid shoe.

It's pretty thick stuff, so heat needes to be applied. I used a 1 1/2 in tube as a bending bar.

You have to move the steel around the tube, but eventually it will make the nice tight curve.

Here is how the curve fits on the tail skid.

As you can see, the shoe makes a tight curve at the end and a gentle, sweeping curve further up the skid. To make the upper curve, clamp the steel around the tube the same way, but heat a large area and hammer on the top of the steel. This spreads out the bend and gives you a nice, slow curve.
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