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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bungee cord bracket

Finished welding the right peach basket and fitted everything together.

Here's a picture of the gear with a different pair of 26 x 4 wheels. I'm just using this set to allow me to roll the fuselage around. The other pair of wheels will be rebuilt and installed when the airplane is finished.

The last part of the gear to be fabricated is the bungee holders. I do not have an official Curtiss drawing of this part, but luckily Doc Hood made a good sketch.

This part is .070 steel cut by the water jet. The first step is to bend the ends up about 45 degrees or so.

Remember that tool I made last blog? Here is how it is used: the above mentioned 45 degree bend end is placed against the flat part of the tool and the steel is bent around the tube. (The drawing mentioned a .250 in radius which is a 1/2 in tube.)

Here it is after some forming with a hammer.

The second side is fapricated the same way. After the ends are bent downwards (to keep the bungee cords from going front and back) the piece is drilled and installed on the peach basket.

Here are the finished brackets.

While I had some time waiting for the kids to get off the school bus, I decided to see it the original fuel tank was able to hold water.

Nope! But I did locate the leaks.



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