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Monday, June 08, 2009

Left Peach Basket

Of course just when you get on a welding frenzy, your acetelyne tank runs dry! So this morning I had to run to Syd-Lee Welding Supply in Griffin, Ga to re-fill my tank.

Angel Miniet sent me an e-mail with a good observation and I forgot to mention it during the last peach basket construction. He noticed that I butt welded the flanges around the oval and ground the welds smooth. But, he was worried that the ground weld would not be strong enough and recommended that I weld the back side. I had debated doing this, but I worried the heat of welding would distort the oval (which I worked hard to keep straight) and I didn't want to go there. Angel's e-mail was what I needed to convince me to give it a try.

Today I clamped the oval to a piece of angle iron with several c-clamps and burned some of my new acetyline. Angel was right - the weld on the back side of the flange really made things stronger. It wasn't an easy weld because the angle iron acted like a big heat sink and I had to weld into a tight channel. But it went well.

After sandblasting the oval welds, I bent the front support. This gives a good view of the angles.

Here's another picture.

Anyway - Thanks Angel for the advice. If you remember, Angel built a neat model of a Jenny in the Cuban Air Force paint scheme.

He also sent a neat link with an original movie showing some Jennies at a Texas training airfield around World War I. It's worth watching, even if the film is old.

A scene from the Army Signal Corps film "Aviation Training in the United States," shot in 1917-1918




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