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Monday, December 22, 2008

Tail skid fitting

The wooden tail skid pivots on a metal fitting bent around the skid tube and I decided to tackle this part today. This drawing was available and it was easy to transfer the dimentions to a paper pattern.

The steel is pretty thick stuff - .100 steel - guess they wanted the tailskid to be strong. Anyway, the only way to bend metal of this thickness is to heat it with a torch. I bent it over a spare piece of 1 in. tubing (same as the skid tube) using a lot of heat and a bit of persuasion (hammer).

After transfering the paper pattern to the steel, I couldn't cut it in the bandsaw any more. The bend took care of that. So, I reverted back a tried and true method - the hacksaw! It worked perfectly.

The grinder took care of the rest.

Here is the piece after grinding.

And trial fit into place.

From my calculations, there is a 1 in. gap between the tube and the skid. This allows room for a bumper pad. Next step will be dressing the fitting and drilling the holes.
Till then


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