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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tail skid area

I had great intentions of getting a lot done on the Jenny over the last two days, but I walked out into the shop yesterday morning and watched water pour out of the hot water heater.

Needless to say, I had to try my hand at plumbing.

Now that the tailskid tube was bent to shape, I made the bushings out of phenolic sheet. The bandsaw made the square and the belt sander made it round.

I also finished the tail skid. The upper end (where the bungee wraps) has a 1 1/8 in. radius on the top side and the corners were routed 1/8 in.

I also drilled a pilot hole at the pivot location.

When the tail skid reaches full travel, it is stopped by two pieces of plywood. These were cut to with their respective angles.

I spent a lot of time fitting the tail skid tube. The reason there is a fiber lock nut on the bolt is because I lost count of the number of times I removed the tube, made a slight bend adjustment of the tab, put it back in place and done it over again. The temporary nut was easy to remove and replace.

Sometimes, when the tab at the top was bent, you had to adjust the tab at the bottom and vice versa. It was tedious but eventually I got it right.

Here you can see the plywood stops in place. As the tube moves left and right, the end of the tail skid hits some rubber "bumpers" on the plywood. These will be installed later.

Since we've had unusually warm weather in Atlanta this week, I was able to put a first coat of varnish on the skid and the stops.



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