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Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, the kids are home from school for the Christmas holidays, but they ran around all day today playing with the neighborhood kids and I had several hours of uninterrupted shop time.

I decided that the floorboards needed to be made.

First, the ash planed to 1/4 in was cut to size.

OK - here's the kicker. The floorboard drawings that I have are wrong. Paul Dougherty warned me about this so I did the next best thing - I took drawings off his Jenny! Hey, it worked for him and he measured a bunch of other original Jennies which saved me from doing it. Anyway, the floorboards were cut to 7 3/4 in. width. The front length was 27 3/4 in. and the rear length 29 in.

The drawings commonly found are from a JN4-D2 which is a little different than the JN4-D. Same goes for the floorboard support drawings. They are incorrect.

The floorboard supports are spruce cut to a uniform 1" thickness. It also has a 2 in. radius curve to rest on the longeron. Since there are several supports, I made a simple pattern.

Everything was cut to shape on the bandsaw.

And sanded to the line on the oscillating spindle sander.

Here are the rear floorboards in place. I cut the supports a shade higher so I can cut them to match the longerons later. Basically, the rear floorboards are 2 1/4 in. above the longeron. This gives the floorboards a downward angle and they do not match the trailing edge of the front floorboards. Don't panic! This is the way they go. The height difference is to allow the torque tube to clear the rudder bar.

The rear floorboards are different. They go from 3 3/8 in. at the back to 1 1/4 in at the front. These floorboards are level with the airplane.

Since it was still warm outside, I gave everything a first coat of varnish.



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